Sunday, February 3, 2013

Crossfit? Paleo? 100 Mile Training?

I have been doing Crossfit for a couple months now, I have seen real improvements in the gym- but have I seen any out on runs?? Not quite- until this weekend. I have been doing a lot of "researching" aka looking at magazine articles and blogs, about Crossfit Endurance and ultra running training. I love running- that's why I do it every week and I really enjoy going out for my weekly long runs. I love going to races! That's why I do it! I've recently seen a few people online training for 100 mile races by JUST doing crossfit! WHY?! I love going out for my LSD run on Sat/Sunday- yes they get hard and sometimes monotonous but that's why I am training for a 100 mile run- because I LIKE to run! So I want to RUN to TRAIN! BUT on the flip side, I am really starting to like my Crossfit days. I go in at 5:30am and hammer it out for an hour and I am done with an amazing workout. Normally I can feel my muscles fatigued for a few hours after the workout- which I normally don't get on my weekday runs. I have been going twice a week for the past couple months but I am bumping it up to three times a week next week.

My coach in Crossfit asked me last week if I have noticed any differences in my running after starting Crossfit- "Honestly? No, not yet" was my reply, which is a bummer! BUT I went on 2 fairly tough, hilly runs this past weekend, 9 mi Sat and 15 mi Sun and I have felt better than most of my runs. Was it just a good weekend? Was it mental? Was it Crossfit? No idea, but I felt like my legs were actually getting stronger- was a bit easier getting up hills and I recovered after hills a bit quicker than normal. SO- yes now I feel like Crossfit is actually helping out my running! I am going to keep Crossfit up and continue my short/faster runs in the week and then LSD training runs on the weekend and hopefully it will take me to the Vermont 100 finish line!!!

Recently I have also been interested in trying out the whole PALEO thing. For those of you that don't know what that is- it's a diet consisting of just meat, veggies, fruits and nuts. Anything hunter/gatherer. No bread, no artificial sugar, no dairy, etc.

I wasn't quite sure if I could quit all my cheese and chocolate cold turkey so I told myself I could no longer buy processed foods or anything else on the "no no" list. And I would slowly transition into it. It has been tough, and I still sometimes give in to temptations ( I ate hot wings and pizza this week!)

BUT I have also found some GREAT recipes! It's been so fun finding them and cooking new HEALTHY things!! Pintrest has been great to find Paleo recipes on. It's tough not being able to use cheese or bread in any recipes but it's pretty easy to find things to replace things.

-Using spaghetti squash instead of traditional noodles
-Using almond/cocunut flour/oil/milk
-Cucumber and guacamole (instead of chips)
-Lettuce wraps instead of taco shells

A few things I've tried so far- or meal ideas------>
Deli meat wraps with broccili and carrot slaw- easy (breadless) lunch

Breakfast most days- eggs, veggies and bacon or ham

Salmon, mashed parsnips/carrots and asparagus

I LOVE TACOS!!! Lettuce wraps with cucumber and guacamole

Beanless chili

Spaghetti Squash

A few more recipes that I've found---->

-Haven't tried them yet- but here's some good ones--->