Friday, August 15, 2014

Bear 100 Training!

One great thing about moving to Albany is we are now within a 2 hour drive of the Catskills, Adirondacks, Green and Birkshire mountain ranges. Love having them so close! I have been trying to get to one of those places at least once a week to get in some elevation training for The Bear... no 5,000 foot climbs, but close enough :) A few pics of what my training has been the past couple months...

Vermont 100 pacing-

Paced for 30 miles at VT100- loved going back! My third year going to VT100- once to crew, once to run and this year to pace and volunteer, loved it!!!

Was able to see a lot more of the course in the daylight compared to when I ran last year :)

Someone made a runner nap area 


High peaks

Had to carry Lucy down this ladder

Was able to knock out a few 4000 footers... Upper and Lower Wolfjaw, and Armstrong. Can't wait to go back for more. 


A bit hilly and technical

Favorite running buddy :)

Mt Greylock 

In the winter, this is the ski slope- steep!!

Great overlooks on the top... highest peak in MA

A little late, but Finger Lakes 50 Mile Report

Oh man, where do I start? This was a tough one for me. I wasn't quite trained for this race but since my parents were coming out to run it with me I HAD to do it :) I knew I would be able to finish it, just didn't quite know how fast it would be! Mom and I decided to stick together since we ran the 50k together at this race last year. We loved it before, it's a 16 mi loop- rolling hills, single track, gravel roads, meadows... it has everything! And this year it had MUD! Lots of MUD. Shoe sucking mud. The first lap was good, felt strong, then we hit the second loop and my stomach started screaming. Nothing sounded appetizing, so I (stupidly!!!!) thought I would just hold off on eating until something sounded good. BAD IDEA! Stomach didn't settle down for the rest of the race. I couldn't stomach anything, any time I tried eating,  it felt like it would come back up... no fun. Which meant, I ran the last ~25 miles without eating anything- stupid, so stupid. I started dragging, slowed WAY down. Mom stayed with me the whole time pushing me on and keeping me going. I was so ready to see the finish line. Hard day for me- both physically and mentally- it definitely showed me how much training I had/have to do before The Bear 100! Was great having the parents running as well, love our ultra family :)

Pre-race selfie :)

Mom running through one of the cow fields/meadows


So much mud!

Favorite spot on the course

thinking... I don't want to go any further...


Finishers award! Chair and pint glass!

Post race- I was looking forward to laying down the last 20 miles. So sick :(

Luckily there was a pond to wash off all the mud

Mt Dew and pickles make everything better

Race recap- North Face Bear Mtn 50K

Here's a recap of some of my spring/summer races since I never posted them before. I ran the North Face Endurance Challenge at Bear Mountain again this year, this time the 50k. Race went really well, again, I wasn't quite prepared since I wasn't running much this Spring, but it still went relatively well. Beautiful course but super muddy this year (it's been a trend actually!) Here's some pics....

At the start of the 50K

Still too early for much greenery

A rare flat area :)

Beautiful lake we ran around

Sneaking up on Gretchen and Andrew- wasn't able to quite catch them though!!!

My time wasn't amazing, but I was happy I ran it and felt great the whole race. It's a beautiful trail and wonderful area- one race I will probably keep coming back to year after year.