Friday, August 15, 2014

Bear 100 Training!

One great thing about moving to Albany is we are now within a 2 hour drive of the Catskills, Adirondacks, Green and Birkshire mountain ranges. Love having them so close! I have been trying to get to one of those places at least once a week to get in some elevation training for The Bear... no 5,000 foot climbs, but close enough :) A few pics of what my training has been the past couple months...

Vermont 100 pacing-

Paced for 30 miles at VT100- loved going back! My third year going to VT100- once to crew, once to run and this year to pace and volunteer, loved it!!!

Was able to see a lot more of the course in the daylight compared to when I ran last year :)

Someone made a runner nap area 


High peaks

Had to carry Lucy down this ladder

Was able to knock out a few 4000 footers... Upper and Lower Wolfjaw, and Armstrong. Can't wait to go back for more. 


A bit hilly and technical

Favorite running buddy :)

Mt Greylock 

In the winter, this is the ski slope- steep!!

Great overlooks on the top... highest peak in MA

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