Monday, August 27, 2012

Providence Rock N Roll Half Marathon

After working out for a while and running Tough Mudder together, I convinced Elizabeth to run a half marathon with me. What a great race to start with! I ran Providence RNR Half last year and it was a great race! EXCEPT I ran like crap!! So I felt I had to come back to avenge my race death from last year. After we signed up for the race I found out Karmin was the feature Finish line band playing- I was STOKED!!!! They are my new obsession and are so talented!

We met in Rhode Island the night before and stocked up on carbs for race day. An early morning start, with a few bumps in the road- a long wait in Dunkin Donuts drive through, a spilled hot tea in the car, almost losing my ID to check in, and then almost losing my bib number after I finally checked in- but we finally made it to the starting line!

Elizabeth and I ran most of the race together, we ended up splitting up around mile 10. Elizabeth was definitely pushing me along the first 6 miles- I was really worried I wouldn't be able to keep up the pace. Once I had a GU at mile 9 I was got my second wind and took off. I felt great the last 3 miles, which was great because that's when I felt HORRIBLE the year before! It felt great to kick last years ass! 

I ended up coming in at 1:48- my new PR! The race was so fun! Great bands along the route, high energy the whole race, a great way to see the beautiful city of Providence and so fun to run with Elizabeth! 

After the race we stayed around for our free beer and Karmin concert- definitely the best part of the day! They were GREAT in concert!!!!

Finish line at the top of the hill



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