Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fun/Tough road ahead...

Just got home from my second Crossfit session...whew! I will be sore tomorrow!! It was fun, challenging, exhausting and totally different than anything I have done before. I love the atmosphere- everyone cheering one another on while pushing yourself to the limit- and then past it. I signed up to compliment my running training. I am excited to see where it takes me. I will do it twice a week for a few months and then see if I can handle doing it three times/week.

I also just signed up for the Vermont 100!!!!!!!!

I've been getting the 100 mile itch for quite a while and after finishing Mountain Masochist I knew I wanted to do one. After MM it was all I could think about!!! I went to Vermont last year to help crew and loved the environment. I have been to quite a few 100's in my life and this was a fun one.... lots of people, lots of horses, lots of aid stations, etc. I especially loved that everyone camps there the night before! So, after a LOT of thinking, I signed up!!!! Training starts now!!!

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