Monday, March 18, 2013

NYC Half Marathon 2013

I ran the NYC Half this weekend and loved it! I have fallen in love with half marathon races, not too long that it takes all day, and short enough to run at a quick pace. I signed up for the NYC Half months ago and have been looking forward to it since! I got to NYC the day before and walked the city. Didn't run the day before but made up for it with walking. I was a bit afraid my legs would be tired but I woke up and they felt fine. Got to the start-- a bit rushed from the late train, but on time.

It was cold but shed my outer layers and got into my corral. Had to wait 30 min for the race to start- COLD! We ran around the entire Central Park, then onto 7th Ave on the southern end of the park. We then ran down 7th Ave through Time Square- which was my absolute favorite! Might be my top 10 favorite running memories. So great having everyone cheering you on and seeing all the buildings and lights.

I kept looking at my watch and realized that I was hitting a good pace and was feeling great. I kept trying to pick it up a little bit more each mile. Finally I saw a sign for 800 m left and tried to kick it in. Having all the people around cheering was great motivation! I came in to the Finish at 1:43- PR by 5 minutes!!!! Such a great race, recommend it to anyone!!!

Looking down 7th Ave 

St Pattys Day socks!!

Hard to see, but I am finishing right behind the girl in the blue top


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