Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bear Mountain Marathon-North Face Endurance Race

I was really looking forward to this race, new lots of people running and it was sponsored by North Face! I figured we would get lots of great gear! I was a bit worried because it was exactly a week after my Promise Land 50k and was eager to see how my legs would hold up. Thomas was able to join in the fun and signed up for the marathon with me.

We camped close to the race the night before and got to the start with plenty of time to anxiously wait. The race went fairly uneventful, lots of short climbs, rocky, rocky and more rocky. It was a bit more technical than my liking- especially after PL which is mostly fire roads!

I decided to  not wear my watch for this race- which is a HUGE deal for me! I normally look at my watch constantly! I just wanted to go out and run how I felt instead of how I thought I should be running. I was still recovering from PL 50k and wanted to kind of take it easy and just have fun. It was so freeing not having a watch, I think I enjoyed the race a bit more without the stress of a timer. I have started keeping my watch at home on some of my training runs as well- and I actually love it!

The race was beautiful- a few from the race...

1. LOTS of TRASH! I have never seen so much trash on a race course before! I threw away over a few handfuls by the end of the day.

2. Lots of short climbs!

3. Too commercial, too many people trying to sell me things at the finish line. I would much rather be at a small, local race that donates money to the trails instead of into someones pocket.

4. Great trails and great markings, lots of single track, goes along some pretty lakes and even the AT. I will def go back and do some hiking/camping/running at Bear Mtn State Park again.

5. Great finish line food/festivities. Loved seeing all the other Bimblers there at the finish!

Few pics...


Lovely 50k Bimblers


So happy :)

Lake along the trail

One of many climbs

Happy to be done :)

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  1. Great Report!

    No kidding on the trash, though! I couldn't believe it. All my pockets were stuffed with other people's Gu packets. I'd understand if it were windy - those things can get away from you, and you sometimes can't find them. But there was no wind at all!