Sunday, May 20, 2012

Marathon Training

As my road marathon is quickly approaching, I am getting more and more nervous about the ROAD part of the marathon. I know I can do the distance, I have done 50ks, but the pavement and the non-stop running part scares me! I LOVE being out in the woods, I figured since I signed up for Lake Placid it would sort of feel like a trail race. : / We'll see I guess!

Since Tough Mudder, I have had a cough/lung congestion/sore throat/runny nose funk. I've tried meds with no help. I had to skip my long training run last weekend because I could barely breath to begin with. So I had to post pone it to yesterday... boy was it hard!!!!! I went out for 18 miles around 9 am, brought a 12 oz hand held and 2 gu's. I knew I would be done around noon, but didn't realize it would get so warm. The first 2 hours felt great, my legs were good, I wasn't coughing that often, and felt like I could breath. But then 2 hours in, I felt like I hit a wall. I had no energy and was getting hot! I made it back home at what seemed like snail pace- but I made it!

I realized once I got home and was thirsty and starving, I needed to eat way more and drink way more during my run. I know I'm not the best at drinking/eating while running and that is one thing I really need to work on, especially in the ultra world. My legs were tired the rest of the day, but not horrible a few hours later.

I'm running 22-24 miles next weekend, so hopefully I will take my own advice about eating/drinking and will feel much better. And if not, I will just have to keep repeating my mantra... Just keep swimming, just keep swimming! (Thanks Nemo)

Since I did my training run on Saturday, I treated myself to a beach day on Sunday! :)

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