Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tough (Tutu) Mudders!

After finishing Tough Mudder New England last year, I knew I wanted to do it again, it was such a great event, pushing you to your limit and bringing your team to really work together. When the race weekend came around, I coninced my co-worker to join in. She's been a competetive soccer player for years so I knew she would do great- I've learned to never underestimate soccer players!! Once we signed up, Elizabeth and I started training a few times a week after work together, mostly running, then going to the gym for weights/core exercises. We did a lot of upper body, lunges, core exercises, then added hills later on for training. 
Since we signed up a little late, we had to sign up for the Sunday start, Day 2 of the race. Luckily we made it into the first heat so we didn't have to wait in long lines at the obstacles. We decided to drive up Saturday afternoon to watch the finishers come in and hopefully see some of the obstacles. I went shopping before I met Elizabeth and decided to buy tutus and bandanas for the race, gotta look fun, right?!  Once we got to the event, most of the participants were finished, but we still were able to watch the last few obstacles. We stayed at the half-pipe for a while and tried to come up with plans on how we would be able to get up and over since it looked like most were having a hard time with it. Plus there was about a 30 minute line just to try it!! Finally we left, had our pre-race dinner and margaritas-- it was Cinco de Mayo, and then went to bed. We had an early wake up call at 5:45 am.
We arrived at Mt Snow at 7am for our race start of 8. We made it through registration quickly and spent most of the time just taking pictures in our tutus :) The weather was perfect, sunny and about 45-50 degrees, great running weather! We had lots of compliments on the outfits and one man even wanted to take a picture with us! We thought the tutus were a hit! We finally headed over to the Start and realized we had to climb over an 8ish foot wall just to get to the Start line!!! Someone had to help me up, but I made it, then we got a little pep talk and we were off!!!

-Started straight up, then came straight down and we were already at our first obstacle!
-Koolaide Icebath, jump in, then go under water below a log, then swim up and out. COLD! And I lost my bandana :(
-Head straight back up, and up and up the mountain
-Barbwire army crawl through mud and rocks... UPHILL!
-Go over 2 sets of walls, had to have some male help, but we made it!
-Up, up, up hill
-Down, down, downhill
-(probably around 2-3 miles) Grab a log, carry it down hill, then carry it back up the hill
-Devils Beard: a large net that you have to crawl under for about 50 yards
-Run through tires for about 50 yards
-Cargo nets, have to climb up and over
-Crawl through trenches, basically you had to crawl in a long hole in the ground, scary because I was worried the ceiling would cave in on me, and they were dark! Lots of rocks and mud again, knees and elbows really sore now.
- Up, up, up the mountain
-Down, down, down the mountain
-Jump off a 15 foot tall ledge into ice cold lake then swim out... BRR!!!
- Electric eel: Slide through water with hanging shockers- if you hit one you get ZAPPED! Ouch, only got hit once luckily!
-Crawling under logs, in the muddy water
-Rope across lake- had to hang upside down, crossing your legs at your ankles and hold up and pull yourself down the rope. VERY HARD! Maybe made it a quarter of the way, then dropped into the water and swam the rest of the way in the COLD water!
-Tube Crawl- craw through small tubes, filled with rocks and water of course!
- Up, up, up
- Down, down, down
- More up and up, get sprayed by a fire hose this time, literally made me walk/fall to the side
- Up and over hay bales
- Up and over a huge snow pile- COLD hands!
- Monkey bars, not only were they far apart from each other, but they went up, too hard, I had to drop into the water (freezing again) and swim across
- Run through smoke, the jump over fire
- Balance beam, if you fell off, you fell into ice cold koolaid, luckily made it across without falling!
- Up and over 3 more walls, a few awesome guys helped us the whole way, made it over all of them!!! WOOO!!!
- 1/2 pipe- what I was dreading! Finally made it on my 4th attempt with help from Elizabeth and 2 other great guys!!! Great feeling to accomplish it (especially after seeing so may not make it and/or skip it the day before)
- Shocks! Weren't too bad, but this year you had to jump around/over hay bales set up!
-FINISH!!!!! 2: 57, we were told we were the 4th and 5th women in our heat, we were so happy and proud of ourselves. Had a great time the whole way!

Halfpipe at the very end of the race (this is from day one- LONG line!)

Jumping over fire!

Getting ready to jump into ice bath in the very beginning... BBRRRR!!


Post race- muddy and cold!

Tutus stayed surprisingly clean!

Warm clothes felt great- we didn't even plan to match accordingly! :) 

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