Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Weekend

I ended up having a pretty full weekend of relaxing/cleaning/running/BBQing. Just the way I would want to spend a 3 day weekend!

Friday Thomas and I spent the evening at a friends BBQ celebrating the end of their 2nd year in Med School- they are now 1/2 doctors-scary! :)

Saturday I had my last long training run for my marathon in 2 weeks. I had been dreading it all week since my 18 miles last week went so horrible. I spent almost an hour on (which is great by the way!) trying to find a great 23 mile run, finally I found a loop that looked good, I was able to drop off water/food at one of my docs offices at mi 14 so I could re-fuel along the way. I started at 7:30am on Saturday, felt strong in the beginning and glad I was going on new territory to give myself something new to look at for 4 hours. I was at about 9-10 miles when I was supposed to have a turn, I kept looking and looking and the street I was supposed to turn on never showed it self! I ended up going about a mile and half out out of the way and decided to turn around, I found a road I knew met up with my intended loop so I took that. I knew I would be much longer than 23 miles so I decided I would stop running at 4 hours (I knew I was on pace to finish 23 miles in 4 hours). I found my water/food and refilled which was heaven since it was SO HUMID and hot! At least compared to what we have been used to. I made to to 4 hours and felt pretty good! I had never ran that far without stopping! WOO!! BUT I ended up stopping about 3 miles from home! And by this point it was the middle of the day, with the sun right over my head, and I was out of water, ugh I was so dreading walking all the way home. I found a Dunkin Donuts and stopped and grabbed a large ice water- what a lifesaver!!! Then I just took my sweet time walking home the rest of the 3 miles :( Oh well, guess it was good "on my feet" training. Got home and mapped my REAL route I ran and I ended up running 23.5 miles and walked 2.5, so ended up doing a marathon! It was a great confidence run, I really feel ready for the Lake Placid marathon now! Bring it on!!!!

After my run I ended up going to a co-workers BBQ/Pig Roast, I spent the majority of it on my feet- again "on my feet training" ( I feel like I am truly an ultra runner with this thinking!)

Sunday I decided to take it easy and spent the afternoon by the POOL! Finally they are open!!!

Monday I took Lucy to the John Muir trail in Torrington, CT about 40 minutes away. Trails were beautiful, unfortunately no good outlooks. The hike was great, just very muggy and so BUGGY!!! Dang bugs are so annoying!

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